Intimate. Emotional. Tasteful. These are the words coming to my mind when thinking of Livia & Max‘ Englischer Garten wedding past December. When they walked in for our first meeting, it instantly clicked and I fell in love with the two head over heels (what falling in love looks like you can see here ;)). I couldn’t wait for their wedding and I wasn’t disappointed… how much can you possibly feel on a day like this?

We started with an early ceremony at KVR Ruppertstr. The Standesamt München is not famous for being pretty, but I really like photographing ceremonies there… it’s modern, it’s bright and you have enough space to let love shine.
Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-1 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-2 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-3 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-4 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-5 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-6 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-7 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-9Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-10Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-11After the ceremony we headed to Kuffler’s Seehaus in the middle of the Englischer Garten. It’s a beautiful spot right next to Kleinhesseloher See and a great place to relax, celebrate and photograph all year around. Livia’s & Max‘ portraits are proof of that! I adored their style (hello Princess Kate’s engagement dress :)), Livia’s pretty red heels and that they brought their Polaroid camera for a few snaps. It was chilly but sunny and oh-so-pretty for their love.
Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-12 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-27 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-29 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-30 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-28 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-32 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-33 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-31 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-35 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-36 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-37 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-34 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-39 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-40 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-38 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-44 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-45 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-43 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-46 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-48 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-41 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-47After a chilly portrait session there is nothing that warms better than a sip of Moet 🙂 We all enjoyed a delicious brunch together, laughed over the jokes by Livia’s uncle, got lost in translation between German, Portuguese & English and celebrated love!
Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-49 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-26 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-18 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-15 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-19 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-13 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-16 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-17 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-23 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-20 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-25 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-14 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-22 Carito Photography-Hochzeit-Seehaus-München-21Livia e Max, muito obrigada pela sua confiança, amor e carinho! Os desejo uma vida cheia de amor, saúde, amizade e confiança em vocês! Muitos, muitos beijos e abraços a toda a familia!

Dress: Issa London | Venue Ceremony: KVR Ruppertstr. | Venue Brunch: Seehaus im Englischen Garten | Location portraits: Englischer Garten