I always ask a couple about their love story and I love to hear about the unique experiences that brought two people together. Franzi & Oli’s way together started at a local club 13 years ago and this summer they decided to tie the knot with a beautiful vintage inspired family wedding in Emmendingen & Ringsheim. Together with their families and their two kids they celebrated a colourful, fun and relaxed wedding.

Vintage inspired wedding in blush & white in Emmendingen

The day started with Franzi’s getting ready… and let me say, she’s a stunning bride! With a dress from Céleste Brautmoden in Bahlingen and just the right tan from their vacations two weeks earlier, she was the perfectly elegant summer bride. I also photographed the invitations (beautifully designed by die kartenmacherei) and some other details. Getting ready images are one of m favourites from a wedding because they show how much preparation, details and emotion coming together on a wedding day.

Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-3 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-22 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-5 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-4 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-16 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-19Next stop: saying YES, I DO! Franzi and Oli got married in an ecumenical ceremony in the St. Johannes Baptist church in Ringsheim, a Catholic church. From the Evangelic church a delegation came to take part in the ceremony and celebrate with the bride and groom. It was my first ecumenical ceremony – something tailored to the beliefs of the bride and groom. I love these personal elements! The ceremony was musically surrounded by friends and family, but the highlight was for sure the choir of little kids singing a song for the newlyweds. Franzi works as a kindergarten teacher and the kids came with their parents to surprise Franzi in front of the altar with a song. Super cute!

Family-Wedding-Ringsheim-Carito-Photography-14 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-2 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-24 Family-Wedding-Ringsheim-Carito-Photography-23 Family-Wedding-Ringsheim-Carito-Photography-25 Family-Wedding-Ringsheim-Carito-Photography-26Family-Wedding-RIngsheim-Carito-Photography-6Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-18Family-Wedding-Ringsheim-Carito-Photography-7 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-27Outside the newlyweds were treated with rose petals, soap bubbles and so many hugs and presents. It was a joy to see how much happiness radiated from everyone present. Both, Franzi and Oli, are very active in their free time and their friends came to honour that. A couple of actors from the Theater im Steinbruch and a delegation from the carnival group Ramässer came to congratulate the couple.

Family-Wedding-Ringsheim-Carito-Photography-30 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-31 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-33 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-34 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-35Then my favourite part of the wedding day started – the portrait session. Franzi and Oli chose a nearby lake in the middle of the vineyards as their location and I loved it. Quiet, secluded and with beautiful light as well as a couple totally in love -can a photographer ask for more? Oh yes! The long veil and a little bit of a breeze made this a perfect portrait session all around. <3

Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-37 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-36 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-8 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-39 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-1 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-44 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-43Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-9 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-40 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-42At last we all drove to Emmendingen to celebrate – the guests in their cars and Franzi & Oli in a super cute red Ente. The Kulinarium awaited us a beautifully lit and spacious room (perfect for a family wedding with lots of kids). The venue lies in an industry park, so I wasn’t sure about what to expect. But I was positively surprised by the location and the staff there, they put everything together really nicely. Franzi & Oli’s families decorated the whole space with lots of beautiful flowers and vintage elements and Oli’s mum, a florist, put together the lovely floral arrangements. It really makes such a big difference to any room to have beautiful and fitting flowers!

Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-10 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-47 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-45 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-46 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-49 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-13 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-52 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-11Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-12Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-55 Family-Wedding-Carito-Photography-54 Family-Wedding-Emmendingen-Carito-Photography-53Are you planning your wedding for summer 2016 already? Then get in touch with me to reserve your wedding date!

Photography – Carito Photography | Invitations: die kartenmacherei | Decoration & Floral Arrangements – DIY | Jute bag for presents –  My wedding shop | Dress and Veil – Céleste Brautmoden, Bahlingen | Suit – Club of Gents | Rings – Gerstner Trauringe via Juwelier Schillinger, Altdorf | Church – St. Johannes Baptist, Ringsheim | Reception Venue – Kulinarium, Emmendingen