On one of the hottest weekends in 2015 Gesa & Harald celebrated their lakeside wedding at Villa Seerano at the Murner Lake. Many guests from far and near, the cutest flower girls and perfect sunshine (and up to 40°C) made their day extra special.

A casual lakeside wedding in pink hues

The day began with a Bavarian tradition, a Weißwurstfrühstück, in Schmidgaden. In the perfectly kept garden of Harald’s parents everybody enjoyed sausages, snacks, cool lemonades and the occasional beer under the apple and cherry trees. Gesa & Harald greeted all guests personally, which made for a great start of the day.

Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-5 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-2 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-6 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-7 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-9Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-8 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-10Just a stone’s throw away was the church Mariä Himmelfahrt located, so everybody walked there together. This shows what was evident throughout the day – Gesa and Harald wanted to every minute with their loved ones. One of the highlights of the ceremony for me was that both of them spoke their wedding vows instead of the usual „yes, I do“.Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-15 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-12 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-18 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-11 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-14 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-20 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-22 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-25 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-23 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-27 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-29 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-36 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-37And then off we went to Lake Murner in Wackersdorf. It’s one of the bigger lakes in the area and complete with yachting, a camping ground, mini golf and the beautiful restaurant Villa Seerano. As it should be in summer, people cooled off in the shadows with Aperol Sprizz, lemonades and the occasional dip into the lake. Especially the kids really loved it! Then we had a yummy cake buffet with so (!) much variety before enjoying a couple more drinks and dinner.

Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-51 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-56 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-53 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-54 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-59 copyWedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-57 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-64 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-63The tables were decorated with a lot of attention to detail and many, many flowers. Probably they were the last peonies to see this wedding season, so I used them for the ring shots. These rings were custom-made by the very talented Anja from frida design. I already worked with her and can only recommend her and her craft. What I loved most about Gesa’s ring was that the stones and the engraving were set on the side of the ring. <3

Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-60 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-61Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-41 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-49 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-46 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-47 copyWedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-44Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-71Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-66 copyWedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-68We ended the day with some portraits of just the two of them by the lake – I couldn’t imagine a better ending to such a beautiful day then a sunset, a sweet couple and a kiss. Can you?

Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-72 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-79 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-78 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-75 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-83 copyWedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-99 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-98 copy Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-88 Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-90Wedding-Villa-Seerano-Carito-Photography-86This wedding was documented supporting nartürlich fotografie as a second photographer.

Photography: Carito Photography | Dress: Lilly | Gesa’s Make Up: Mein Brautmakeup by Tanja Zeitler | Hair Styling: Friseursalon Christine Hofrichter, Schmidgaden | Wedding rings: frida’s design, Munich | Decoration & Paper goods: DIY | Church: Mariä Himmelfahrt, Schmidgaden | Reception: Villa Seerano, Murner Lake, Wackersdorf