Imagine a sunny Saturday morning. Imagine birds singing, shops opening and and a cup of hot tea. Imagine walking the street hand in hand with your lover and exchanging little kisses on cute bridges or under trees. Imaging snacking on macarons, doing a bit of window shopping and talking about living in one of the coolest cities in Europe. This and nothing else we did when taking these portraits Amsterdam. Enjoy!

Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-2 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-4 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-5 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-1 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-21 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-20 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-23 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-7 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-6 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-22Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-13Shirley & Ricardo are so cute together – I rarely met a couple who could laugh so heartily about themselves and the funny sides life is offering them. They are currently at an important stage in their lives: they just moved together and Shirley is going to start her career as a strategy consultant soon. So, what a better time for some relaxed portraits in Amsterdam?

Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-10 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-9 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-25 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-24 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-8 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-11So we did just that – walk around, have a good laugh and enjoy the super upcoming area called Jordaan in the middle of Amsterdam. With a pit stop at d&a, a pretty little hummus bistro (did you know this exists?), to enjoy a drink and snack on some cupcakes by Cup a la Cake. If you are in Amsterdam, you shouldn’t miss any of these places!

Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-17 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-16Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-26 Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-15Portrait-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-14