Jenny & Jochen’s wedding was one of my absolute favourites this year. A gorgeous location, a beautiful day with even more beautiful light, a color scheme I love (think turquoise, blue and white) and above all two people so very much in love.  This post will be a bit lengthy but I want to show you all the beautiful details Jenny & Jochen planned for their wedding day. They put so much time, effort and love into all these details that they deserve to be shown.

And I want to give you, future brides, an idea why a color scheme for your wedding day is so important. A color scheme gives your wedding an overall orientation and lets the images fit beautifully together. In nearly every photo you will find something from the color scheme and I believe you can imagine quite right now beautiful their album looks like. So, please think early about your wedding motto and your color scheme, because even little details will make a difference to your wedding day.

Jenny & Jochen’s wedding day

The day started with a trip to the hairdressers, where the stylist Daniela did Jenny’s hair beautifully. We also integrated the hair adornment by kido design. Jenny won it in a raffle online and it was custom-made for her. Next we went to the apartment where Jenny spent her last night as a single lady to get her ready for the ceremony. I love getting ready images and especially if the details are so beautifully selected and the bridesmaids and family are all there to spend some moments together. And if you are looking for a great place to stay in Weimar, we couldn’t recommend Schlafen in Weimar more. Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-10 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-62 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-8 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-2 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-9Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-55 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-3Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-63Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-13 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-65 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-64Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-12After Jenny received a last few words of wisdom from her mum and her friends, we made our way to Schloss Ettersburg. Such a beautiful location with divine light! Tranquil, lovely outdoors and beautiful spaces indoors – it’s perfect for your wedding day. The ceremony was beautiful but I didn’t expect anything else but LOVE from Jenny & Jochen. I was scared the pictures wouldn’t work out, because I was laughing and crying so hard.
Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-14 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-56 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-16 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-15Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-17Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-18Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-66Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-20Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-19Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-21Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-22Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-27Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-23Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-24Instead of the traditional champagne after the ceremony, Jenny & Jochen opted for a more casual coffee & cake in the park of the location.  Guests could choose from a selection of small treats and cakes and the wedding cake was super yummy, too. I loved the idea of putting a „Tischkicker“ there, because it gave people something to do and in the end people who didn’t know each other 10 minutes before were laughing and playing with each other.
Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-46 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-30 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-58 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-28 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-29 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-68 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-67Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-51 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-69Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-44And off we went for some wedding portraits. Jenny & Jochen reserved the most beautiful hours of the day for this moment and as a photographer I couldn’t be more thankful. <3 some afternoon light.
Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-39 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-40 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-41 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-70 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-42 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-43 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-59A whole section of this blog post will be about the decoration simple because it was so lovely. Jenny put a lot of time and effort into the small details and spend weekend nights DIY-ing. The design of the invitations, the jewellery, the seating plan or the table decoration – it all came from her hands. I doubt that I could do so many things for my wedding, but I would definitely do a couple of things because I love the personal touch it gives everything. What would you do by yourself?
Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-57 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-35Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-60 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-38 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-61 Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-37Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-31Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-36Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-71Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-50Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-48Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-47Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-53Schloss-Ettersburg-Wedding-Carito-Photography-54Thank you Jenny & Jochen for this wonderful day that was beyond perfect! I wish you all the happiness for your married life and I’m so happy to call you my friends.

Photography: Carito Photography | Dress: La Kopé, Munich | Shoes: Rainbow Club | Veil: vintage | Hair Adornment: kido design | Jewellery: Glitzerstein, Munich | Make Up: Creme Fresh Kosmetik, Weimar | Hair Styling: Daniela from Masson Friseure, Weimar | Suit: Lodenfrey, Munich | Location Getting Ready: Schlafen in Weimar | Catering: Catering & Verleih Stranzl, Weimar | Cake: Rose Bäckerei & Konditorei, Weimar | Florals: Blumen Welzel, Weimar | DJ: Enrico Motz, München | Location: Schloss Ettersburg, Weimar