You are mostly seeing weddings and love sessions on this blog, so I thought it’s time to show you a different type of love. The bond between siblings is so unique and the love that flows between members of a family is something special. Siblings learn to love, to hug, to fight, to make compromises and to collaborate. They learn to share, to protect each other and to build coalitions – against each other but also with each other. I’m myself coming from a large family, so when Julia & Alex got in touch to get their sibling portraits Munich done, I was more than happy.
Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-1 Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-4Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-7 Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-8 Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-6We met on a sunny autumn afternoon in Munich and simply walked around a bit. I had photographed Julia before and knew she would be easy in front of the camera…and no surprise, Alex was a natural talent as well. Even though they don’t think they look alike, I do think so and I’m pretty sure their mom does, too. She will receive some big prints of these images for her birthday this month and I’m already excited to hear how she likes the pictures.
Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-10 Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-12 Sibling-Portraits-Munich-Carito-Photography-11If you are now thinking about getting your own portraits done, too, then don’t wait. As a gift for someone you love (your parents?), just for yourself or as a voucher for one of your siblings – portraits are a perfect gift! You can mail me under or contact me on my Facebook Page.