A while back my wonderful friend and super talented make up artist Noleen Sliney asked me to write a post about bridal styling Munich for her blog. I’m really not good with make up (I even had a make up coaching with Noleen earlier this year), but I know what a good bridal styling means to us wedding photographers. So here’s my perspective on hair & make up on your wedding day. You can read the whole blog post on Noleen’s blog!Carito Photography bridal styling munich for modern brides

3 Reasons why your bridal styling Munich is so important

I never get tired of telling my clients not just how important their bridal styling is, but also how important a skilled bridal stylist is. It will have such a huge effect on how you as a bride will feel, look and behave. These are my 3 reasons why bridal stylists are so important for me as wedding photographer, and why you as a bride should actually care.

1. Your bridal stylist will be one of the first people you see on your wedding day

Your bridal stylist is usually the first people to arrive on your wedding day and will meet the you, the bride, first thing in the morning. It’s not only part of their job to style the bride and to put on some make up here and there. It’s also part of their job description to create a completely relaxed atmosphere, to calm your nerves and to totally and utterly pamper you. Relaxed brides are the best thing any wedding vendor could wish for, and your bridal stylist is the one setting the tone from the very start of the day. Once your styling is finished, you’ll look & feel absolutely radiant – the best prerequisite for a fabulous wedding day!Hochzeit Bamberger Haus München Bridal Styling Munich for a vietnamese brideMy advice to you: Choose a stylist that not only masters his or her craft really well, but who you also get along with on a personal level. He or she will be the person who spends the most time with you in the first hours of your wedding day. Now that’s pretty important, wouldn’t you agree?

2. Your wedding photos will last a lifetime

Your wedding photographs are one of the very few things that “survive” your wedding day. They’ll grace the walls of your home and remind you of the highlights, emotions and all the beautiful little details of your wedding day. And obviously,  you should look nothing short of AMAZING in them. The work of your bridal stylist is visible in every single picture. So that’s the reason you should not shy away from an investment in your bridal styling Munich. And a bonus point for us photographers: professional bridal styling means less work for us, too. It makes shooting so much easier, and it saves us so much time in post-production.Wedding Photographer with natural bridal styling

3. The number 1 reason your bridal styling is so important

Believe me when I tell you this. If people are unhappy with how they look in their wedding pictures, it’s not due to the dress. Nor has it to do with their emotions, or the quality of the photographer. More often than not it’s because of stray hairs, makeup gone awry or a styling that didn’t suit their personality at all. So don’t make that mistake! Be sure to choose a bridal stylist and schedule a trial appointment with them in advance of your wedding. Yes, it’s a bit more time you’re investing. And yes, it might even cost more… but the outcome (ie: a styling that fits YOUR personality, YOUR looks and YOUR wedding) is worth so much more.Carito Photography- Mont Blanc Destination Wedding Photographer-61My advice to you: Definitely book a trial appointment and try out different looks for hair & make up. And while you’re at it – don’t waste it. Make use of that beautiful styling and have your engagement or bridal boudoir pictures taken on the same day. Or maybe even celebrate your bachelorette party.  Or simply take your fiancée out for a romantic dinner. Make it count!Carito Photography-Wedding-Bamberger Haus--34Thank you Noleen for this wonderful opportunity to write about bridal styling Munich, for being such an awesome partner and great friend. And for you, dear brides, click here and check out Noleen’s work as a bridal stylist and freelance make up artist.