Why do an after wedding session? I bet many of you have no clue… and to tell the truth I was sceptical of this concept for a long time myself. But during my first after wedding Landshut I have come to terms with it all because it was simply so much fun! To get dressed up once more, to get pampered with professional make up & hair styling and to show that beautiful honeymoon tan was for sure fun for Denise & Thomas. For me as a photographer it was a great way to get creative without the time pressure of the wedding day and to carefully select locations that suit the couple and their story, even if it takes a little drive to get there.

We started of along the river Isar at a quiet pier for some portraits in the lush surroundings. As it was really hot, we also did nearly all detail shots there as well before heading to our second location.

After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-1 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-16 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-3 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-2After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-6 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-4 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-5Our second location was the stunning Trausnitz Castle. I never knew that Landshut was such a pretty city and had such a cute castle! And Denise was very knowledgeable about the city, so I even got a little bit of sightseeing done while being up there. Can you even think of a more romantic spot for images?

After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-7 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-8 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-10 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-11For our third location we returned to the Isar, but a more secluded place. The river, the sunset and the stones everywhere made for a pretty backdrop for some romantic shots. And the sparks were flying between the two of them 😉

After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-14After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-12 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-13 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-18 After-Wedding-Landshut-Carito-Photography-15Photography: Carito Photography | Make Up: Ina Rudi | Hair: Einfach schön in L.A.