When Paula sent me her first message saying “Hey, let’s meet up in New Zealand while you’re there.” I was already grinning like a small girl in a candy shop. Because what’s better than photographing a stunning couple in a amazing location like New Zealand?! NOTHING.

Paula & Bernhard travelled New Zealand North to South for their honeymoon while I was over there shooting a wedding. Our paths barely crossed but we used our time wisely – the outcome is the after wedding session you can see below. A couple who’s relaxed and tanned on their honeymoon and madly in love. Thank you Paula & Bernhard for letting me be part of your story. <3
2N3A8514 2N3A8468_web 2N3A8447_web 2N3A8374 2N3A8362_web2N3A8367 2N3A8388_web 2N3A8488_web 2N3A8508 2N3A8470-2 2N3A8521You probably think that an after wedding session like this is a lot to organise… wrong! They simply brought their outfits, I chose a small area of grassland right next to the Waikato River and bought some scissors. And with some scissors, a bit of string and 10 minutes of time we had our flowing, wild bouquet made from natural ingredients. Eucalyptus, Manuka flowers and other local leafs make this wonderful bouquet. Sometimes, the most simple things are the most beautiful.
2N3A8552 2N3A8584_web 2N3A8635 2N3A8641_web 2N3A8550_web 2N3A8642 2N3A8677_web 2N3A8666_web 2N3A8662 2N3A8657_web 2N3A8592_web 2N3A8613 2N3A8682 2N3A87032N3A8708 2N3A8715 2N3A8718 2N3A8688_web 2N3A8694I couldn’t be more honoured and happy that this after wedding session has been featured on THE New Zealand wedding blog, Magnolia Rouge. Magnolia Rouge is one of the most prestigious blogs worldwide and this is something very, very special to me. Check out the complete feature HERE. Thank you so much, Kate, for accepting our submission.
2N3A8737 2N3A8738_web 2N3A8744_web 2N3A87422N3A8763 2N3A8748 2N3A8725 2N3A8771 2N3A8791You want an after wedding session like that for yourself? Then send me an email to hello@carito-photography.de to find out about my next travel destinations or simply invite me to meet up with you somewhere in the world. 🙂 Over the next couple of months I will be in Switzerland, Spain, France and in Florida as well as all over Germany… so try your chances!

Photography & Florals – Carito Photography | Gown – Polina Ivanova (she’s amazing!) | Make Up & Styling – Paula | Location – Taupo, New Zealand