Leather & tulle. Birch trees & abandoned train tracks. A black dress & red lips. Strong & wild yet elegant & mysterious. This is our Dark Bride. A bride that doesn’t care for conventions, but trusts her instincts. A bride that celebrates an alternative wedding Munich, that is completely HER.
carito-photography alternative wedding munich birdcage carito-photography-alternative wedding munich wild bouquet carito-photography-dipytch wild florals alternative wedding munich carito-photography-dark bride alternative wedding inspiration munich carito-photography-alternative wedding munich carito-photography wild bride unconventional bride black dress carito-photography-boho bride feathers munich carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-muenchen-alternative wedding munich carito-photography unconventional wedding black dress carito-photography black dress red lips bride style alternative wedding munich carito-photography red nails wedding photographer munich carito-photography alternative wedding munich unconventional bride black dress carito-photography-elegant bride nonwhite dress carito-photography-boho wedding alternative wedding photography carito-photography-black wedding dress alternative wedding munich carito-photography-dark bride alternative wedding photography carito-photography black dress unconventional bride dark carito-photography-alternative wedding munich winter wedding carito-photography-kido design birdcage bride alternative wedding munichThe team behind this shoot has worked to hard, has shivered in the cold and we couldn’t be happier to have this shoot featured on the prestigious wedding blog Hochzeitsguide. I have talked about it on this blog post. Thank you so much for the feature! carito-photography dark bride alternative wedding munich carito-photography blumenstil schwabhausen wild bouquet winter wedding carito-photography noleen sliney make up birdcage dark brideConcept & Photography: Carito Photography | Make Up & Styling: Noleen Sliney Make Up Artist | Dress: Dresscode by Diana Scharin | Birdcage veil: kido design | Florals: Blumenstil | Ring & Gloves: vintage | Model: Rebecca D.