“Your personality is what makes you sexy.”

Mollie King knows it all. And when planning your boudoir session remembering this is key. Staying authentic during your boudoir session is easier than it seems. These three tips hopefully help you to create a wonderful, unique boudoir session perfectly tailored to YOU!

1 – Get to know your photographer

This is key. Photography is something extremely personal and every image is influenced by the photographer’s sense of style, his/her personality and mood, interpretation of the concept and his/her definition of beauty. That’s great, because this makes sure there is a photographer for every kind of person. But for your boudoir session, the photographer has only to be awesome, but the right fit for YOU. Take your time to get to know the person behind the camera and to find out if you click. A good & professional photographer will do the same with for you…because only then the images will truly reflect you.

2 – Create a concept

Sexy lingerie and heels in bed? Lace and silk? Floral crowns or something completely different? There are a million ways of planning and styling a boudoir session. So, please take your time to think about the images that you want… and if a certain concept fits your personality. And remember: a concept is not only the styling, but the mood, the location (indoor? outdoor? vintage? modern? urban? natural?), the props and the time of day. You don’t have to wear pearls and red lingerie if they mean nothing to you. Stay true to yourself and make sure you feel beautiful and desirable. Tip: There is so much inspiration out there – on blogs or on Pinterest. And if in doubt, ask your photographer!

3 – Define sexiness

What means “sexy” to you? Think about what you like, what you are most drawn to? How much skin do you plan to show? Do you prefer a subtle hint of showing or do you want to go for the “fierce girl” look of lingerie models? Yes, you do see a lot of boudoir sessions with the “fierce girl look”, but don’t feel yourself pushed into a certain corner. Some of the most intimate and sexy boudoir sessions didn’t show much skin at all because we created the atmosphere and mood using other things. Remember, it’s your session, your body and your images…and they should be authentic to YOU. Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-10 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-1 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-6 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-7A great example was Constanze’s boudoir session. She’s not a romantic, girly girl with a love for lace and pearls. She’s strong, she’s edgy and confident. By keeping the setting minimal (because what else do you need than a bed and a wall?), using her everyday clothes combined into an outfit and by taking care of the degree of sexiness she wanted to portray we created a cool, authentic boudoir experience. We both love the images and this session has even been published on the boudoir blog Lace in Light. Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-2 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-8 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-3Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-4 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-9 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-5 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-11Yay, this session has been featured on the international boudoir blog Lace in Light. There I tell a bit more about my approach to the session and why we recreated a bit of an 21st century oriental princess with Constanze. Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-13 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-12 Carito Photography-Boudoir Shooting Munich-Constanze-14Concept & Photography: Carito Photography | Make Up & Hair: Tamara Hoffmann, Munich | Model: Constanze S.