It took me only  a couple of minutes talking with Sonja & Jan to see that these two are special. I saw a confident couple with two adorable children, a strong love and so much mutual trust and understanding flowing between them that words were often not necessary. I saw two people that consciously decided to get married and to celebrate with friends & family – in their style. This meant an intimate ceremony in Kurhaus Bad Tölz, an elaborate family dinner the same evening at Tegernsee and the next day a Gin & Shabby-Chic themed party with all friends in Munich.Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-2 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-45 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-1 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-3 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-15After many summer weddings in lots of bright, fluffy tones and pastel colors it was so refreshing to see an autumn wedding. Bold, darker colours like orange and marsala (Pantone’s color of the year 2015), details like dried leafs and chestnuts and flowers radiating elegance and understatement like Callas. I loved it!Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-9Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-41 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-11 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-12 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-10 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-13I’ve never photographed in Bad Tölz before and I must say I was positively surprised. A cute town, so many relaxed and helpful people (among them the officiant Mr. Steger and the staff at staff at the café in Kurhaus Bad Tölz) and a beautiful location to get married in. Set in a big park and equipped with a beautiful, elegant café with super yummy food it was perfect for Sonja & Jan’s vows.Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-6 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-7 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-8 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-16 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-17Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-49 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-18After the ceremony friends and family planned a couple of surprises for the newlyweds. There were petals to be thrown at the two of them and a whole family of pigeons to pet. Especially Leon & Louise loved them. Can you see the excitement?!Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-19 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-20 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-21 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-23 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-28 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-27 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-26In the end we went into the park for a couple of wedding portraits with the four of them. It was just barely over 0 degrees, so we had to be quick. I really, really love how natural they are in front of the camera! One of the reasons this went so smoothly was the engagement session we had just a couple of weeks before. Everybody knew what to expect from a photo session and kids and parents had time to adjust to the camera being pointed at them.Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-30Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-31 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-40 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-33 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-43Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-36 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-47Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-29 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-46Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-32 Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-48Bad Tölz-Hochzeitsfotograf-Carito-Photography-34Sonja & Jan, you are such a sweet, loving couple and I wish you all the best for your married life together. You are so blessed with your two sweethearts already!