I believe every woman has at least once in her life thought of giving her partner some gorgeous images of herself as a gift.  I have played around with this idea in my head a couple of times, but I never got around to do it. Something was always keeping me from doing it… 5 kilos too much, too little time or just no idea whom I would trust with images like this. But why not simply do it?

Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-16 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-34 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-4 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-21 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-9Miranda simply did it and booked a boudoir session as a gift for her partner (and a bit for her as well ;)). Having found her true love a couple of months ago, she wanted to celebrate this new love and honour this person that has stepped in her life. She brought a lot of things about him to integrate into the session: gifts he gave her, his favourite perfume on her, a bottle of wine they like. But see yourself.

Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-5 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-43 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-6 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-2 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-7 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-8This is what Miranda says of her session:

“Thank you very much for the unforgettable session. You did a wonderful job in guiding me through it all and bolstering me in a way that I was comfortable the whole time and could losen up completely. It was so much fun, I would have never thought it could be. You are doing a great job!! My love was completely stunned by the album and teared up when I gave it to him… it was sooo beautiful.”

Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-1 Birthday-Boudoir-Munich-Carito-Photography-10If you want to book your own individual boudoir session as a gift for yourself or your partner, get in touch with me. Simply send an email to hello@carito-photography.de I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Photography: Carito Photography, Munich | Hair & Make Up: Ramona from Hairytale & Beauty, Munich | Perfume: Shalimar from Guerlain | Shoes: Mellow Yellow via Galeries Lafayette, Paris | Mickey Mouse Dress: Religion Clothing | Sparkly Dress: Zara