Boudoir. You may have heard that word already buzzing around the (wedding) photography world. But what is that exactly?

The official definition according to Wikipedia is: a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room.
But for us boudoir photographer’s it’s all about making women feel beautiful in their own skin – for themselves or as a gift for someone special. The motives are different – a new boyfriend or her husband-to-be a woman want to gift images to, having lost a lot of weight and showing off her new body or just because.

Unique as each woman is, the sessions are tailored to the occasion, theme and comfort level of a particular lady. This sometimes means showing little to no skin, sometimes getting out this super hot lingerie.

If you are interested in a session or want to learn more about boudoir, get in touch with me.



PS: If you want to see more from the sessions below go to Whimsy Unveiled for the candy coloured bridal shower, to b-authentique to see Uta’s session, to the amazing boudoir blog Boudoircollective for Ponny’s simplistic session.

boudoir with a feather sensual carito photographyboudoir munich by carito photographyspring cherry blossom boudoir_MG_9902exotic looking girl boudoir munichcandy coloured boudoir munich tulleboudoir sexy carito photography_MG_9516Got your inner boudoir goddess saying “I WANT THAT”? Then get in touch with me via the contact page or Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!