There are a million reasons to get your own boudoir images with me as your Boudoirfotografin München. A gift to your fiancé, creating something sexy and unique for yourself or celebrating an important accomplishment with some sensual images of yourself.

Katharina did the latter…going through some life changes recently it was now time to celebrate! Celebrating being a woman, celebrating this gorgeous body and celebrating all the has accomplished over the last 1.5 years.Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-10 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-1 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-2 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-4 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-3 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-11 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-9 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-7 Boudoirfotografin-München-Carito-Photography-8Do you think boudoir might be something for you? Then get in touch with me through email ( or through my Facebook Page. Then we can chat and think about what would suit you the best. Every session is unique and will be set up with you individually, because I want to make sure that you enjoy your time in front of the camera. Feeling great in your body, happy in fron of the lens and relaxed in a new environment is not easy, but we will make it work. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Caro, Your Boudoirfotografin München