Carito Photography About me. // I usually don’t share much about myself on here. But I vowed to try out new things and to show myself and what’s important to me a little more – so here it goes: 10 things you didn’t know about me.Carito Photography Munich Wedding Photographer About1 // I’m a self-taught photographer. I studied International Business & hold a MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. It’s totally unrelated, but makes me think a bit more like a business person than an artist sometimes. Which is not a bad thing, just a little different.Carito Photography about me Carolin Voelker2 // I speak 4 languages fluently. During my studies I lived abroad a lot and absorbed everything I could. And since a lot of my wedding clients are international or multicultural couples this often helps in communicating with them and their guests from all over the world. So if you would like to speak in English, German, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese, you are more than welcome!Carito Photography Germany wedding photography about me3 // Flickr started my career. It started out with sharing my images, then being contracted by Getty Images to contribute to their portfolio to getting my first paying clients. Thanks to this platform I went from “taking nice travel pics” to becoming a pro. Thank you Flickr!Munich Wedding Photographer Carito Photography about me4 // I read. A LOT. It’s one of my passions besides photography and I usually average around 40 books per year. Please don’t ask me about my favourite author… there are simply too many.carito Photography about me multicultural wedding photographer5 //  Being a photographer is not my only job. During the week I work in marketing for a big insurance company. I love my job and enjoy the balancing act of bringing both worlds together to make my schedule work. Both jobs play to different strengths of my personality and I’m never getting bored. 🙂Carolin Voelker Carito Photography about me Munich6 // I’m a horse person. My childhood was spent in a riding stable and I really miss being around these animals. I admire their strength, elegance and calmness and really love caring for them. One day, I’ll be back in the stable.Authentic wedding photos Munich Carito Photography about me7 // I believe in a creative life. So, I always have some projects going on and dabble into new creative outlets. Right now I’m trying to learn brush lettering and am secretly playing with the thought of starting a podcast.  If I could, I would spend my day with no work, just play 🙂Munich City wedding photographer about me carito photography8 // My biggest passion is travelling. I’m a backpacker, use Couchsurfing and have never stayed in a all-inclusive hotel. I have visited more than 40 countries so far and have always the next travel planned.You can find out on my contact page where I’m going next.natural wedding photos Wedding Photographer Carito Photography about me9 // I’m not a fashionista (no surprise here!). Effortless style and a sense for fashion is something I admire in people. But I believe that you can learn anything, so I’m working on getting better. I’m building my capsule wardrobe right now as a first little baby photographer Munich carito photography about me portrait10 // Lists. They hold my life together. I make to do lists, bucket lists, grocery shopping lists and every night I add one thing to my list of things that made me happy that day.Unposed wedding photos carito photography about meIf you are looking for a photographer that is more than just a vendor on your wedding day and feel like we might get along well, send me a message. Let’s get together for a coffee or a drink and get to know each other. And even if you aren’t planning a wedding – I love to get to know new people! 🙂  Carito Photography About me. // Photos by the amazing Photography by Julia and Ana Fernweh, edits by me.