Travel is one of the greatest love of my life and the main reason I started photography in the first place… I just wanted to take really cool images from my vacations. And to make taking travel images in Florence and anywhere else a little easier for you, I have put together some Florence Photography Tips for you!Florence Photography Tips Carito PhotographyImages transport us back to the moment they were taken and remind us of a lot of things.. the moment, the people we were with, the smells, the climate and the mood we were in. It happens when we look at travel images and suddenly start remembering things of the trip that weren’t even captured on camera. To work this magic of photography a bit more, here are some Florence Photography Tips for you.Carito Photography-Florence wedding photographer


Even though it’s contradictory to the whole concept of vacations, I try to get up at least once with sunrise or before on any trip. It’s beautiful to see a town wake up and to stroll the streets alone. The whole experience is quit different and results in great images!Florence photography tips - travel photography Orangerie Florenz-Carito Photography-Florence travel photography tips lemon trees-florence photography tips


I usually try to walk as much as possible and give myself little breaks from staying on track. So I just wander, turn right or left whenever I want to. With this aimless wandering I often discover the most charming parts of a place, witness a lot of locals going after their daily life and find the cutest shops & ice cream parlours.Florence street market-fruit vendor-florence travel photography Florence street market-travel photography Tuscany Florence wedding photographer-carito photography Florence travel photography-carito photography-destination wedding photographer


Having pictures of the main attractions is great – no, actually it’s great. But also focus on the details of the big buildings, on the street art and on little natural details like flowers and cute shop windows, it brings so much more energy and life to images than just the shots of the big church, the lovely palace and the other must haves.street photography Italy-florence travel photography tips florence photography tips-carito photography street art florence-carito photography Florence wedding photographer-carito photography


We all know that. But why do so little people and even less of their personality appear in our images? I do not only make an effort to photograph the people that travel with me like on our trip sailing Ijsselmeer but also photographing strangers and locals because they shape my experience on this trip as well. But often I’m to scared to ask them straight up for a photo… so I use the technique “shooting from the hip” and believe me, it’s so fun!carito photography-florence photography tips street photography florence-shooting from the hip-carito photography carito photography-florence photography tips Florence street photography-carito photographyYou want to know where I’m travelling next – check out the travel details on my Contact Page or my travel updates.carito photography-florence photography tips-travel photography