Photo booths are so fun! They are a great to engage your guests at your wedding and an easy way to create small remembrances to a fun day for your guests and your guestbook. Apart from that, the photo booth is usually the location where old and young connect and start to get silly together. All in all it’s a Happybooth 🙂

Happybooth wedding photo booth

What is Happybooth?

Happybooth is a photo booth that can be used at weddings, parties and any other fun events. It’s a sleek, clear cut installation that produces fun photos and GIFs for your guests. Super easy to set up and delivered right to your doorstep, it basically can’t get easier. And since everything is digital nowadays Happybooth wedding photo booth includes a digital sharing feature to use images online as well.

Happybooth wedding photo booth

Why do I partner with Happybooth?

I don’t offer a wedding photo booth myself, because I don’t want to offer any homemade installation that might even fail. I want to be there for my clients and completely focus on creating beautiful images for them. Instead I trust the professionals (and my friends) at Happybooth to do a great job.

I know the founders of Happybooth personally for some years and have even photographed a wedding together. I trust their expertise, their passion for creating a wonderful product and that’s why I can recommend them so easily. And that’s why I’ve negotiated a little goodie for you. With the code hb-carito-17 you will get a free accessories set (worth 47€) for free. Simply use this code at checkout.Happybooth wedding photo booth munich

Looking for a wedding photographer?

And if you are not only looking for a wedding photo booth but a wedding photographer as well, then I would love you to get in touch with me. You can do so via my contact page, on Facebook or Instagram. And if a personal connection is important to you, then get to know me better in the blog post 10 things about me. I can’t wait to hear from you!

PS: You are a company looking for a fun photo or video booth for your event? Then check out Upreach, the sister company of Happybooth, for your large scale and/or customised system. More information and everything you need to know –> Upreach Fotobox Guide

Happybooth wedding photo booth | Upreach photo booth – Images: Courtesy of Happybooth & Upreach.