Hochzeit Ulm | In May I was so lucky to photograph a wedding close to Ulm and I took some time to explore the city. I loved it so much that I want to share some of my personal snapshots of this day with you. It’s a pretty town with a relaxed vibe and perfect for one day of exploration!Carito Photography-Hochzeit ulmCarito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-6One of the things that stood out the most were the small boutiques all around the city – there are so many small bookstores, fashion boutiques and jewellers everywhere. I especially loved the café Fräulein Berger and the small restaurant Café Brettle, where I had lunch. The Ulmers seem to be really communicative and love to socialize and all restaurants and cafés are always filled to the brim. I like!Carito Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf Ulm-26Carito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-27Carito Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf Ulm-19Carito Photography-HochzeitUlm-14Carito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-36Carito Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf Ulm-18Before heading out to explore the old town called Fischerviertel I visited my friend Mirjam, the face behind the wedding planning business Freudenfeuer Hochzeiten. If you need help and a guiding force when planning your wedding, I highly recommend visiting her. After a coffee and a little chat with Mirjam I strolled through the alleys of the historic area and photographed all the little details. The crooked houses, the flowers decorating the windows and the tourists doing the same. I ended my day with a two-hour sunbathing session by the Danube river and finished my current book 🙂Carito Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf Ulm-37 Carito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-60 Carito Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf Ulm-59 Carito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-57 Carito Photography-Hochzeitsfotograf Ulm-44 Carito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-45 Carito Photography-Hochzeit Ulm-56If you have a day off and would love to expore a new city, keep Ulm in mind. It’s super beautiful and has the perfect size for a short trip and some shopping. And if you think about getting married in Ulm, I would love to hear from you! <3