Hands down, this was one of my favourite weddings in 2015. There are so many reasons to it:gorgeous Gabi, dapper Raphi, beautiful and super nice guests, so many DIY details and a feeling of love an appreciation floating around. But I don’t want to bore you any longer, have a look yourself.

Gabi & Raphi’s DIY boho wedding

The day started with a firework of laughter and hugs. When Gabi arrived at the Standesamt Augsburg, family and friends greeted her already. The ceremony was simply beautiful and so emotional. Laughter & tears went hand in hand and my cheeks hurt afterwards from so much smiling. And doesn’t the kiss speak more than 1000 words?

Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-1 DIY-Wedding Augsburg -Carito-Photography-2 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-4 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-3Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-44Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-43Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-7Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-8Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-6Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-10Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-9Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-11Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-13Because Gabi is Brazilian and Raphi German, it was a multicultural wedding in the first place. But the super international group of friends coming from Czech Republic, Brazil, Thailand, Germany and many more places made this wedding even more special. Simply have a look at the group pictures!Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-16 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-15 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-14Because Gabi & Raphi met for the first time on a tram ride in Augsburg, it was a no brainer to include one on their wedding day. To show all international guests the city we went on a sightseeing ride and the tram dropped us off at the Churrascaria Augsburg.Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-17 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-18 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-19 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-45 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-20Having lived in Brazil before I knew that Brazilian food is super yummy, but I was really surprised by the food at Churrascaria Augsburg. Beautiful place, awesome food and good service… and I don’t even want to talk about grilled pineapple with ice cream <3Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-21 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-23Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-22From there we drove to Günzburg to celebrate a little DIY garden party. Every single detail was prepared and handcrafted by Gabi, Raphi and their friends. From the photo booth to the candy bar, all decoration and the wedding cake. It was so, so, so beautiful.Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-28 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-31 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-24Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-47 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-30 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-27We ended the day with a bit of cuddling, kissing and an intimate first dance in the afternoon sun. We also took Ralphi, the love bus (which belongs to Raphi and his friends), for a couple of pictures. Cute, right?! I also loved Gabi’s dress with its detachable skirt to convert it into a party dress to dance the night away. <3Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-37 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-48 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-35 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-39 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-49 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-46 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-38 Hochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-32YEAH, YEAH, YEAH! This wedding got featured on lieschen-heiratet.de – click HERE for the feature! And the multicultural wedding blog Evet ich will loved this wedding, too, and now it graces the cover of the ebook “Multikulturell heiraten” and got a blog post dedicated to this lovely German-Brazilian wedding.

Photography: Carito Photography | Dress: Polina Ivanova, Bulgaria | Rings: Firewhite, UK | Florals: dehydrated buquet & crown from Manuela de los Santos, Spain | Jewellery: Goldschmiede Tezel, Augsburg | Suit: Jack & Jones | Decoration, Cake, Candy Bar, Hair & Make Up: DIY | Stretch Limo: Limousinenervice Augsburg, Augsburg | Tram: SWA Augsburg, Augsburg | Ceremony: Standesamt Augsburg, Augsburg | Reception: Churrascaria Augsburg, Augsburg | Party: private property, GünzburgHochzeitsfotograf-Augsburg-DIY-Wedding-Carito-Photography-40