Hochzeitsfotograf Sylt | Whenever I’m not shooting weddings all over Germany, I travel. It opens horizons, it inspires and it let’s me grow as a photographer and artist. Every major transition in my work has started with a trip and this time it wasn’t any different. When travelling to the rough coasts of Sylt I wanted to capture this feeling of transition.carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-22 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-15_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-27 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-13 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-8_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-9 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-24_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-20From a cozy, sheltered being in my ordinary world to a more confident and a little wild individual embracing the freedom the world has to offer. This is how my own transition has felt this year. It made me a different person and a different wedding photographer. The immeasurable flats of the Sylt dunes, the wind and Christina’s movements pictured that perfectly.carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-51 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-36_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-37 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-63 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-53 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-42“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” – Gail Sheehycarito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-54 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-65 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-60 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-67_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-58 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-66 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-75 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-64 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-59And a bit YAY because this shoot was published on the American photography blog Lemonade & Lenses! Click HERE to read what they have to say about this session. It’s not the first time I got featured there – check out my other portrait photography features now.carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-70_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-sylt-74Concept, Styling & Photography: Carito Photography | Location: Sylt, Germany | Jumper & Dress: ASOS | Model: Christina L.