Israel Reisefotografin | I’ve always had a fascination for Israel. It seemed like the an exotic place not too far from Germany, with an interesting mix of cultures, religions and languages. With beach, a vibrant night scene, lots of start ups and a free flowing creative scene. So, after an exhausting wedding season this was the perfect destination for a little getaway.Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-13

Travelling the Holy Land

My plans were ambitious: I wanted to see Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Dead Sea, dive in Eilat and take pictures of it all. Well, my lack of sleep and a general feeling of relaxation took over and I only visited Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. And I also took way less photos than I planned initially. Truth to be spoken, I was lying at the beach nearly the whole time reading a book, swimming and sleeping. But apparently this was just what I needed.

Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-10 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-8 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-7 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-6 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-28My favourite place was definitely Old Town Jaffa. It’s the oldest part of Tel Aviv and the little alleys are just super cute. Filled to the brim with little workshop of artists of all kind, it’s picturesque, touristy but still creative. Also the port area is pretty cool with galleries, restaurants and a lot of street art. I stayed the whole time in Florentine Hostel, which is located super close to Jaffa, the beach and the bohemian area Florentine with its bars, clubs and restaurants.
Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-11Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-34 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-12 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-15 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-16 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-17 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-35Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-25Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-29A second favourite was Sheinkin street, a place just off Rothschild Boulevard. Cafés, small boutiques and pop up stores line the street. Great for people watching, too! 🙂
Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-1Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-3Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-26Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-5Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-4On a day trip to Jerusalem I got to discover a different part of the Holy Land. With Christian, Jewish and Muslim quarters Jerusalem is a multi-facetted city but also one of the conflict zones in Israel. I visited on a Jewish holiday so many shops were closed. But I actually liked the quiet and the less crowded streets 🙂Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-23 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-18 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-19 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-32 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-21 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-30 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-22 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-24 Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-33Carito-Photography-Israel-Reisefotografin-20