From Kyle’s first e-mail I already knew that I would love him and his surprise marriage proposal Munich. Personal, touching and so trusting he was writing about his love for Linz, about their trip to Germany and about his plans to ask her the questions of all questions. How could I say no to so much love (even if I had to get up super early)?

Surprise Marriage Proposal Munich

Kyle and I planned the proposal to make it perfectly fit their travel itinerary, their style and their love story. Kyle, who is from the States and had never been to Germany, was looking for something romantic, central and private so we chose the beautiful Hofgarten in the early morning hours and set everything up. I was pretending to be a tourist (which was quite hard at 7.30 am and in the pouring rain) and hid behind some pillars to document this special moment in Linz & Kyle’s love story. Linz didn’t expect anything and was completely shocked at the sight of her boyfriend on his knees. It was so romantic, it took my breath away!
carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-1 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-11 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-15 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-7 carito-photography-marriage proposal munich carito-photagraphy marriage proposal munich carito-photagraphy marriage proposal munich carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-26 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-27_web carito-photagraphy marriage proposal munichAfter the tears were dried, Kyle pointed me out to Linz. After giving them a big, tight hug and congratulating them we hit off to a short portrait session in the Hofgarten and the neighbouring Residence. These two were glowing from love – despite the cold and the rain! And to continue this special day I dropped them off for a champagne breakfast at one of the most beautiful cafés in town to celebrate their love a little more.

Thank you Kyle for trusting me with these precious images, for planning the day together and for making it so easy to work with you. I fell in love with you both the second I met you and I wish you a lifetime of happiness & joy!
carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-7 carito-photograpy surprise marriage proposal munich carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-45 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-37_web carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-47 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-56carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-34_web carito-photagraphy marriage proposal munich surprise proposal carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-66_web carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-51 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-64 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-70 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-54A couple of days later I received the sweetest email I could think of… and because I’m melting at the words Kyle found for my work at his surprise proposal I want to share them with you.

“I know I’ve thanked you a lot, but you have seriously gone above and beyond what I ever expected when first looking for a photographer to capture this proposal!The package is so magically put together. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this! So, I’ll say again, thank you! I haven’t had a chance to share them with many people yet, however, the few family members that have seen them are blown away by your skill as a photographer and your ability to not only capture this once in a lifetime moment, but make it so picturesque. Linz shed a tear over how beautiful they are!”
carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-73 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-78 carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-77 carito-photagraphy surprise proposal munich carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-81_web carito-photography-marriage-proposal-munich-kl-43If you are planning to propose to your significant other and would love to have this moment captured, then get in touch with me. You can do so via my contact form, my Facebook page or just shoot me an e-mail to I’d love to hear from you and of your plans for your surprise marriage proposal in Munich or Bavaria. <3

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