2016 has been a year of a lot of soul searching for me. I have questioned what I do, how I do it and why. It has been a year of struggle but also a year of moving forward, a year of decisions and a year of defining a lot better what I want. I couldn’t have this alone and finding a tribe, finding role models and finding people who challenge me were key in this development.

What started out as a casual coffee drinking relationship turned into my little tribe of #girlbosses. Noleen Sliney, my trusted make up artist, has brought me in touch with some amazing women from all walks of life. We all work hard at creating the lives we want, at building our businesses and at being human, humble and happy about it. Thanks to her I met people like Ginny, the entrepreneurial powerhouse at ginnykrauss.com, I met Lina, who is an amazing photographer and truly inspirational and many, many more. It’s my tribe and I’m so glad I found you all.. because being a #girlboss can be lonely sometimes.

Being a #girlboss does not only mean “just” building a business, but to be me while doing so. A ton of books, podcasts and stories of inspirational women have helped understand myself better, forming habits I want to have and designing the life I want to lead. My personal inspirations are: Gretchen Rubin, who has started many things in my life, Sophia Amoruso, who lives life according to her own terms and is the ultimate #girlboss, and Tim Ferris, who is shaping a lot of my decisions. I came to terms that I might not have a traditional, straight-line career, that I’m complicated and not always rational and that in the end I only want to lead a creative life. If you admire someone and one day you get an Instagram message about a feature, this is where your heart takes a leap. The Beyond the #girlboss Moment feature may not have been brought in new clients, but it has been important for me. It celebrates one of my biggest achievements in 2016 – my first book cover and the feelings it brought up summarised the whole year for me. Even now, months afterwards, I’m getting emotional about it. It If you want to read more about this feature and the story behind this feature you can read more about it on girlboss.com or in this blog post.

Thank you Getty Images  & Lonely Planet for being such great partners, thank you girlboss.com for the lovely feature and thank you Sophia Amoruso for being badass, for being an inspiration and for celebrating #girlboss moments and womanhood every single day.  Looking forward I am going to keep building my boutique photography business, I’ll keep working with agencies to sell my work and – for now – I’ll keep my day job in a totally different industry and environment. But it also means making more space for experimentation, for growth, for new ideas. I may not always be a photographer, but I’ll always shall a #girlboss.