I’m really bad with make up. My complete make up kit consists of 5 pieces only and I’m pretty sure I’m making every mistake possible with make up. That’s the reason why I work with professional make up artists, it makes such a difference especially for bridal styling. Ina Rudi is one of my favourites ladies to work with – not only because her make up & hair styling is anything a bride could wish for, but because she’s super cute, easy to work with and we share the same aesthetics.

Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-28Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-17 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-4 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-19Together with a team of wedding professionals we created “Peach & Cream” Bridal Styling Inspiration. Soft pastel tones for a fresh look, beautiful long lashes for a wow effect when looking in the groom’s eyes for the first time and an elegant bun for party night without having to worry about one’s looks. Our stunning model Anja was the perfect incorporation of for a elegant, sophisticated bride with style. <3

Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-1 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-6 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-70 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-80To support the natural, fresh bridal styling look we chose a bouquet in the same colors. Thank you Kreative Dekoideen for the pretty bush roses!

Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-3 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-71 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-55 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-2 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-5 Peach-Cream-Bridal-Inspiration-Munich-Carito-Photography-51And to make everything perfect, this shoot has been featured on www.evetichwill.de, THE blog for glamorous brides and everybody who considers a multicultural wedding.

Photography – Carito Photography, Munich | Make Up & Styling – Ina Rudi, Munich | Dress, Veil and Accessories – vintage | Flowers – Kreative Dekoideen, Landshut | Model – Anja K.