Do you know this special feeling of “coming home”? It doesn’t compare to anything in the world, especially if you’re coming home to your family and your childhood home. All those happy places, so many memories and the familiar items and smells all around. I’ve been away for long stretches from home and even though I never missed it, I love it even more to open the door and being embraced with hugs and kisses.

“The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do, and the more genuine may be one’s appreciation of fundamental things like home, and love, and understanding companionship.”
– Amelia Earhart –

This quote is especially true for me. I’m an energetic person by nature and with two jobs, many friends and a mind overflowing with ideas it’s hard to pause. But sometimes things are too much and I feel myself growing tired of always moving and doing things. To recharge there’s nothing better than a weekend in my hometown Emmendingen. I don’t know anyone there anymore, but that doesn’t matter. Spending time with my family, doing nothing and getting pampered by my mom is awesome enough. There’s a special calmness innate in this place and it makes my heart quiet and happy. At home, I don’t have to organize anything, I can simply fall into long established family traditions and go with the flow.Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-1 Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-5 Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-6 Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-9 Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-2Even though I spent nearly 20 years living in this place I always discover new things to photograph. It has a different aesthetics than my own place, a different style and completely different light to work with. And every time I come home, I have learnt something new while I was away and as a result see my home with different eyes.Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-10 Lavender-Fine-Art-Photography-Carito-Photography-11