As a photographer Amsterdam is a dream come true. The people, the beautiful streets, the impeccable style of the Dutch and all the amazing food to photograph. The last time I left the city with a longing “I want to get back here some day” and I left with the same words on my mind this time. To make this awesome city a little more accessible to you, here are my highlights for you. It’s a personal selection of my favourite little spots.

Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-14 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-20 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-21 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-26 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-30 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-44 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-46 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-41

My favourite thing to do in cities is to walk. Walk, walk, walk. We started in the Jordaan district – homely, upcoming and stylish. From there we went walking towards De 9 Straatjes. There are so many pretty and unique boutiques and nice little stores, that we couldn’t go into all of them. My favourites were definitely the Mendo Bookstore (a luxury store specialising in art & photography books) and Pluk (a store crammed with healthy and very good-looking food and a lot of decoration items and everything is so cute you want either to buy or eat it). Thanks Julia Hofmann for the tip!

Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-33Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-42 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-22 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-45 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-34

Then we strolled through the rest of the area and ended up at a really good Hamburger place called Burger Meester. We were so hungry and the food was so tasty looking that we ate everything without taking a picture. I can only recommend the tuna burger with seaweed, teriyaki sauce and green asparagus – a foodies dream!

Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-11 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-12 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-19 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-24

The last night we celebrated with dinner and drinks at Edel, a place we got recommended by an anonymous couple we met on the street (hey CSI Amsterdam lady & hello Deloitte consultant!). It’s very local, very “edel” and very nicely located along the channels. Definitely a place to try out with a little time to contemplate the boats passing by, a little money for one of the Gins and a little love for Amsterdam.

Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-38 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-39 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-40 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-32

We stayed in this Airbnb. It’s a nice place, very organised and clean (though with a bathroom a little small). BUT the location is awesome, right next to my first highlight – Foodhallen. It’s a big old station filled with delicious treats of all kind, a relaxed and stylish crowd. Can only recommend the Temakis from Meneer Temakis and the Vietnamese Food (Viet View). YUMMY!

Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-2 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-3 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-4 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-5 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-6 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-7 Travel-Photographer-Amsterdam-Carito-Photography-9