It’s always great to go to a wedding in Freiburg. Not only because Freiburg is easily one of the most beautiful towns in Germany, but because it’s my hometown. It gives me a chance to see old friends (and former brides) at weddings and capture wedding days for people I know. This is what happened with Tabea & Jochen.

The Story

Tabea and I went to school together and have spent hours in Latin classes together (not fun!). Then she found Jochen through StudiVZ and after only a year they got engaged on New Years eve on a mountain in Switzerland. It was clear they wanted to spend their life together, but life got in between. Now, after 5 years of being engaged they finally tied the knot in a beautiful summer wedding in Freiburg, Tabea’s hometown.
_MG_8220 _MG_8298 _MG_8292The day started with an emotional ceremony at the Melanchthonkirche in Freiburg-Haslach. Friends and family decorated the church, their friends sang for them and the officiant from their own church came to lead through the ceremony.

_MG_8302 _MG_8320 _MG_8391 _MG_8415 _MG_8423 _MG_8431 _MG_8446 wedding in Freiburg carito photography _MG_8481One of the cutest and most surprising details was this psalm engraved in front of the church. Such a coincidence, it’s Tabea & Jochen’s wedding psalm and the motto they live with.

_MG_8266After the wedding ceremony guests and the newlyweds gathered in the pretty churchyard to celebrate together. Some games and lots of hugs, kisses and laughter were exchanged. <3

_MG_8496 _MG_8491 _MG_8506 _MG_8509 _MG_8555 _MG_8559 _MG_8595 _MG_8754 _MG_8768Then everybody headed to  Greiffenegg Schlössle for reception and dinner and to enjoy the amazing panorama view over Freiburg. But before the three of us took some time for wedding portraits on the trails of the Schlossberg. The shade the giant chestnuts provided was perfect for it.

_MG_8705-3 _MG_8722 _MG_8737 _MG_8785 _MG_8847 _MG_8824Church: Melanchthonkirche Freiburg-Haslach | Reception: Greiffenegg Schlössle | Styling Tabea: Sturmfrisuren | Rings: Juwelier Endres Würzburg