Surprise Proposal Neuschwanstein | What is possibly more romantic than a surprise proposal at a fairy tale castle? Not much, especially when it happens of a spontaneous getaway to Europe and especially when this castle is Schloss Neuschwanstein. These were the thoughts running through my head when I read Tomás’ first e-mail and I already knew I would say yes to his inquiry.

And believe me, I didn’t regret it. Tomás, who is a Brazilian living in Houston, TX, had mapped out everything and planned a romantic engagement weekend for the two of them. It started with a walk through the forest… and on a lookout over Alpsee he got down on his knee to ask THE question. Laughter, tears and many embraces later I was introduced to his now fiancée Haley.

I absolutely love working with fun couples and capturing surprise proposal Neuschwanstein. It’s always a fun thing to plan, to organise and to photograph an important and intimate moment like this…. it gives me goosebumps every single time.carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-6 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-14 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-1_web carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-19 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-20 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-27Together we roamed the surroundings like total tourists. The beautiful Alpsee, the cute little town Hohenschwangau and it’s picturesque houses and then hiked up to Neuschwanstein Castle and Mary’s Bridge all while taking pictures.
carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-43 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-62 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-46_web carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-47 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-50 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-50_webcarito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-98 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-65Haley and Tomás are absolute cuties and naturals in front of the camera. We laughed so much and talked about the many differences between Germany, the States and Brazil it felt like we had been friends in ages. After our session they continued their visit to Neuschwanstein Castle and spent a lovely weekend at Chiemsee, another one of Tomás surprises to Haley.
carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-63carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-77 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-72 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-80_web carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-86 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-92 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-83 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-85_web carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-91 carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-59carito-photography-surprise-proposal-neuschwanstein-ht-66Tomás & Haley, I wish you all the best in the world for your life together. Keep laughing as much as you did during our session and embrace each other tightly when life calls for it. Have a lot of fun planning your wedding – I cannot wait to see how everything turns out!

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