“Love is friendship set on fire.” – Jeremy Taylor

This quote is so apt for the love that’s burning between Carolina & Eddy. They first laid their eyes on each other at a gym in Colombia, where Eddy was deployed with the army. And after the tough guy Eddy worked up the courage to ask Carolina out, they could not be separated again. Despite the difficulties of a long-distance relationship, the challenges of not speaking each other languages and the maze of cultural differences their love burnt brighter and brighter.

Now, the two of them live in Tampa, Florida where Carolina works as an amazing photographer (see her work under Carography Studios) and the two are happily married. To celebrate their relationship, their upcoming anniversary and to turn instagram messaging into a real-life friendship, we met for beers & photos at Kings in downtown St. Petersburg. When you see Carito & Eddy interacting you simply cannot believe that they have been married for years already. They are so playful, celebrate their love and are still looking at each other with such a curiosity that it melts my heart. I wish for everyone – including me – to find a love like they have it for myself. Aren’t they just the sweetest?
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