DIY Wedding Photographer Bodensee | Calypso, mint macaron and savannah. These were the three words that made the decision. Daniela spoke them when we first met up over pizza & beer to discuss their wedding plans and it was her answer when I asked for her wedding color palette. The moment she spoke them, images were flooding my mind and I knew I wanted to photograph this wedding… badly.

When a couple puts so much love, time and affection into their wedding it can only be a blast. Dani & Matthis thought of every detail and made sure that their wedding was and felt like THEIRS. From the planning of the day, to the materials used and the people invited – everything was selected with care and put together with SO MUCH LOVE. And having a hard core DIY bride as your client is not only awesome for guest, but for a wedding photographer, too.

And I’m not the only one loving this wedding – the big, prestigious wedding blog Hochzeitswahn has shared their wedding. Click here for the Hochzeitswahn feature!

Daniela & Matthis’ DIY Wedding Photographer Bodensee

carito-photography-DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-513I spent the morning with Daniela, her mum and her bridesmaids and photographed all the lovely details she put together in her wedding colors. This time of the day is so special and I really love to document it…the emotions involved, the little details and the anticipation. Also, I absolutely adore Daniela’s DIY spirit – she really loved the look of the Kaviar Gauche wedding dresses (they are so amazing!), but they were a little out of budget. So, she put together her own Kaviar Gauche inspired dress – with a second hand wedding dress from and a golden belt. And wow, did she look beautiful!carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-492 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-520 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-501 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-503 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-469_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-480 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-529_web carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-537 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-538 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-544 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-543_webAfterwards we met with Matthis and his best man at a local park to photograph their portraits. I absolutely love it that they took so much time  for their first look and really enjoyed the experience. This is the moment I mostly cry at weddings… it’s just such an emotional moment for the bride & groom and I’m so happy if I get to document it in a special way.carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-574 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-573 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-582 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-583_web carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-580 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-585 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-591_web carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-605_web carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-648 Bringing together their heritage from Baden (that’s where I come from, too) and their new home at Lake Constance, they celebrated a church wedding at Langenargen and you arguably can’t get much closer to the lake. The little church is right next to Schloss Montfort and lies at the shores of Lake Constance and was perfect to incorporate the spirit of living & loving at Lake Constance. They decorated the church with wooden parts they found along the lake shore and held a funny, heartwarming celebration of their love supported by their friends & family.
carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-663 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-677 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-704carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-661_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-701 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-691_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-731 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-743 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-693 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-748_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-766_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-754 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-771 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-777 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-793 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-818 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-800The influences from their home town came to full force at their reception. Located farther from the lake, they celebrated in a brewery in the middle of the vineyards in a relaxed, friendly and super green location. And all the references were there: wine, asparagus and good moods (that’s what the Badnerland is famous for ;)). And because such an awesome couple can only have cool friends (what else?!), the evening was sprinkled with tearjerking speeches, hilarious movies, funny games and a lot of dancing.
carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-913 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-904_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-909 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee max & Moritz kressbronn carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-926 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-892 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-889_web carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-984 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-990 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1003 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1004 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1021 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1033 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1052 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee Max & Moritz Kressbronn carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1071 carito-photography DIY wedding photographer Bodensee Max & Moritz Kressbronn carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1086 carito-photography-hochzeitsfotograf-langenargen-1072Thank you Dani & Matthis for letting me be part of your wedding day. For your attention to detail, for your relaxed attitude and for being simply fabulous in front of the camera. I can’t wait to visit you next time I’m at Lake Constance!

Dress: Luna Novias via Second Bride | Shoes: Rainbow Club via Petra M. Brautatelier | Jewellery & Accessories: Etsy | Hair & Make Up: Gradmann, Lindau | Groom Outfit: Tiger of Sweden | Florals: Blumen Ficht, Tettnang | Stationary & Concept: DIY | Wedding bands: Johann Kaiser via Juwelier Bartels |  DJ: Markus Enderle | Location Ceremony: Pfarrkirche St. Martin, Langenargen | Location Reception: Max & Moritz, Kressbronn