I could write so much about Christina & Markus’ private estate wedding last May. I could write about their family history and the honour to photograph a wedding at a family home (and especially such a gorgeous one). I could write about the huge amount of amazingly dressed guests who joined Christina & Markus on their wedding day and how the two lovebirds got to meet them all on their journey around the world. Instead I’ll write about the moments that stayed present with me even months after their wedding. Because those moments are what make a wedding day unique to me.

An elegant affair – Christina & Markus’ wedding

This most likely has been the most beautiful & relaxed getting ready of my career. We had plenty of time to photograph the details, to get the bride & groom ready, to enjoy all the little moments and to celebrate together. Getting ready, the first look and their couple portraits effortlessly flowed into each other and made the morning truly enjoyable for all of us.
carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-21 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-23 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-26 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-29carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-39 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-30carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-25 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-27I absolutely loved that Christina & Markus decided to hold their wedding on the family’s estate close to Ulm. So every little detail, every picture on the wall meant something to them and it was an absolute blast to photograph.
carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-24carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-57 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-52 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-50 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-63 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-69 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-67 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-74carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-165carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-81The moment Markus saw Christina as a bride for the first time was so touching. Can you imagine seeing the woman you are going to spend the rest of your life with in a bridal gown in exactly the same place you grew up and played all your childhood? After a journey all around the world the two have come home together and the bridesmaids, the flower girls and I were blinking away our tears.
carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-96 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-99 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-101 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-97 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-102 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-105 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-109 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-117carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-151 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-144 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-126 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-68 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-145 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-128 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-138 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-155 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-142 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-147 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-161One of the things I loved the most was the “fusion” part of the wedding day. Christina & Markus spent a couple of years living in Asia and have purposely included a little homage to this continent into their wedding day. The mix of hortensia & orchids, Asian & German appetizers and a first dance that started with a walz and ended in Gangnam Style. <3
carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-10carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-180 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-179 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-185 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-192carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-202carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-232carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-222carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-221carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-226carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-227carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-225carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-238carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-240carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-241carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-245carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-246carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-248carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-249carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-242carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-266carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-252carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-260carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-4carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-256carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-265carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-258carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-251carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-262carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-279carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-278carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-277My nickname for Christina is the “transformer bride” because she did an amazing job on her styling. She started out with a very elegant and traditional Rosa Clara gown combined with a lace top. Together with the long veil and the tiara that has been passed on through many generations she not only looked like a princess. After the reception she easily transformed her look by swopping the jacket for a simple vintage brooch, adding longer earrings and putting some flowers in her hair. Voila, a completely new look! And of course we had to take some pictures of it!
carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-285 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-286 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-288 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-290 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-292 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-294 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-293 carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-295After a bubbly welcome to their enormous party tent Christina & Markus celebrated the whole night with their guests from all over the world. An absolute highlight for me were the fireworks – it was a grand finale to a wonderful day!

Christina & Markus, thank you very much for trusting me with those important memories for you & your family. It was an absolute pleasure to document this day for you. And also, a big thank you to Oxana for being a kick ass second shooter.
carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-308carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-309carito-photography-wedding-photographer-ulm-307Photography: Carito Photography, Munich | Dress & Accessories: Rosa Clara via Happy Brautmoden, Munich | Jewellery & tiara: family heritage | Make Up & Hair Styling: Harry’s Friseur, Laupheim | Rings: Art Uhren & Schmuck, Ehingen | Stationary, decoration & wedding favors: DIY | Florals: Blatt & Blüte, Ehingen | Music Parade: Musikverein Allmendingen, Allmendingen | Catering: Fleur de cuisine, Ulm | Rehearsal Dinner & Beer supplier: Berg Bier, Ehingen | Location: Allmendingen close to Ulm

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