“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” – Gilbert Chesterton –

For this Zurich Engagement Inspiration this is what we wanted. To interpret the love-hate wedding color read in a new way. To offer really kick ass inspiration for the modern groom. To combine high fashion with high street and some regional suppliers with a elegant, sophisticated yet natural look. To show how to create beautiful images even if the sun isn’t out (autumn is coming!).

Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-26 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-17Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-52 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-18 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-20Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-53 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-27 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-21 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-29For this session I met with the super sweet couple Larisa & Michael in Stoos, a ski town close to the Fronalpstock in the Schwyz Canton. Where you can go skiing in winter, you will find only a stylish hotel and many cows in summer – and if you are lucky a great view across the Vierwaldstättersee. We wanted to make use of the gorgeous nature and the solitude was one of the main goals of this session.

Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-39 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-41 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-43 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-42 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-44 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-46 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-37 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-35Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-58 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-34Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-56 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-33 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-32Larisa & Michael did a great job despite the cold and the cow excrements everywhere.. and can you believe it was their first time in front of the camera? I love working with real life couples because they make the session authentic. If you are getting married it is most likely one of your first times in front of a lens as well and I want to show you that it’s pretty easy (what is hard if you are with the person you love?).

Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-3 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-50 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-48 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-8 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-9 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-49Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-64 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-2 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-10 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-13Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-51 Scenic-Love-Story-Session-Zug-Carito-Photography-14Yeah, this session has been featured on Hochzeitsguide.com!

Photography & Florals: Carito Photography | Dress: Sheinside | Jewellery: Pompidou | Suit: Felix W | Dress Shirt: Carpasus | Pochette: Bernie’s | Shoes: Pasito | Socks: Falke | Watch: Certina | Location: Stoos, Kanton Schwyz, Switzerland | Models: Larisa & Michael